Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Argument research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Argument research - Essay Example Decades back, the female workers were considered not good for the family lives, because according to men’s perception, woman is only for household working and thus she should not work outside the boundary of her home. Now this perception is a little bit changed. Women are working in many of the fields but still facing a biased behavior in the financial matters, as men are receiving more wages than women. Men are receiving more wages as compare to women, even when both of them have same qualifications and working in the same position. In addition, this is not confined to any particular society or country rather everywhere women are facing this similar situation. Whether we talk about western countries or the eastern ones, the wage gap between the men and the women exists. There is always a discussion on this topic of biased behavior regarding wages among men and women. Many of the researchers work on the topic of unequal pay and wages for the females. Different research studies have clearly shown the reason and factors, which actually create a pay gap between the males and the females. However, the positive thing is that now in the 21st century women are more powerful to fight for their rights. They can stand up for receiving their rights and an equal wage system is their true right. This strength is only possible because of the education and knowledge level in the females (Hughes 631). According to some of the education experts’ research analysis education always creates awareness in the human beings. In addition, because of this education women are now powerful regarding their fight for rights. The reason for increase in the pay system can be the changing role of women in the labor work force. In the past decades the women were not involved in the hard works but now there is no single field where women are not working and giving their best. Earlier it was considered that women may not take any

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