Thursday, January 30, 2020

Enriques Journey Essay Example for Free

Enriques Journey Essay Just as Enrique arrives, there is tension between his mother and him. They begin to argue about how Enrique had developed bad habits such as drinking and staying out late as well as sniffing glue. These problems do not surprise me because he had been through alot on his intense journey all the way from Honduras. It hurt Lourdes to see her son do nothing but hurt himself and her family because the money he was spending on alcohol should have been sent back home to help pay for school. Enrique also put his mother down by constantly making her feel guilty for leaving and that she did not deserve to call herself his mother. Looking back at the relationship between them before she left, I thought that their relationship would have been stronger than ever after not seeing each other for years and that he would appreciate the fact that he found her unlike many of the other immigrants that search for years and are still unable to find their family members. Enriques motivation to stay in the United States is work and buy a house back in Honduras not to mention the amount of money he is making allows him to afford a lot more than he could back in Honduras. He wishes to continue working so he can support his girlfriend and his daughter back home in Honduras as well as buy a house so that he can move in with his girlfriend and daughter and finally be a family. He thinks that his girlfriend is cheating on him and he realizes that he wants to be there for his daughter and raise her before she calls someone else her father. Rather than Enrique moving back home he decides that he wants his girlfriend and the baby to move to the United States with him. I believe that there is so much conflict between Enrique and Lourdes is because Lourdes is trying to mother and discipline Enrique when she was not there raise him so he feels as if she is not his mother anymore. If she had not left and raised her family as her own they would not have any problems with their relationship and most likely Enrique would have not got himself into trouble by abusing drugs and drinking too much. I believe once Enrique begins to pick up his act and stops abusing drugs and drinking and coming home late his relationship with his mother would become better as well as eing able to function the next day and able to perform well at work so he can earn enough to visit his family back home in Honduras. I believe that Enrique made the correct decision coming to the United States, although he put his life in danger he reached his goal and finally got to see his mother after many years. Despite making the same mistake as his mother and leaving his girlfriend and daughter for a job to help pay for their needs, I believe it is necessary because if Enrique was back home there was a chance he could not have even had a job and then he would have had no way to support his family. He gained many things by coming to the United States. He had an opportunity to provide a decent living for his family as well as reuniting with his mother even though it was not easy for them at first. Enrique, on his journey, lost his sense of pride. After being harassed by so many times by the local police, he had nothing left to the point where it would have made no difference if he had died. He is in jeopardy of losing his family being many thousands of miles away from them, his girlfriend could leave him for someone who is making a better living in Honduras and would be able to be there to help raise their kids.

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